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Permantent corrosion protection of your equipment

Corrosion causes considerable damage in technical plants year after year. In order to limit corrosion damage, attention should be paid to suitable materials as early as the planning and projecting stages. This is because the right choice of construction material and parameters plays a central role when it comes to cost reduction.

However, a large proportion of corrosion damage can also be avoided by selecting suitable protective measures. Both the longevity of structures and the functionality of technical systems and equipment require sufficient corrosion protection to prevent damage as far as possible during the planned service life. We determine the cause of corrosion damage and carry out efficient corrosion protection measures using environmentally compatible blasting agents and coating materials.

Our standards protect your investment

For efficient corrosion protection of your technical equipment and structures, our experts offer you many years of expertise and individual solutions. Application can be found for example here:

  • Vessels & Tanks
  • Overflow basins & water towers
  • Coating of structural steel & roofs
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Pipelines of all types
Corrosion protection experts in the Rhineland: Thermotec GmbH

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