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Ventilation technology in private, commercial & industrial use.

If the natural supply of clean breathing air cannot be sufficiently guaranteed, the room air must be continuously exchanged by modern ventilation technology through a supply of outside air and removal of contaminated or used air. Ventilation systems provide breathing air that is both free of harmful hazardous substances and has a sufficient concentration of oxygen.

We advise, plan, build and maintain ventilation systems for offices, catering establishments, commercial kitchens, airports, data centers, server rooms, chemical factories, the food industry, shipyards, hospitals, industrial plants and much more. There is also a growing demand for modern ventilation technology and ventilation systems in the private sector, as steam, vapors and pollutants can no longer be properly removed in low-energy houses due to the good thermal insulation.

We ensure ideal conditions

Ventilation technology plays an extremely important role in complex buildings, as it forms the basis for optimal living and working conditions, for the functional reliability of plants and systems, and for energy-efficient operation.

We plan, manufacture and maintain ventilation systems for:

  • Private applications
  • technical equipment of the industry
  • public institutions
  • Hospitals, operating room ventilation systems & laboratory equipment
  • Airports, shopping centers and commercial halls
Ventilation technology experts in the Rhineland: Thermotec GmbH

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