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Drywall construction: flexible, fast & clean

As soon as a conversion or extension of a room is pending, dry construction is primarily used nowadays. The classic example here is the converted attic. Thanks to the flexible installation of drywall, rooms can be almost completely redesigned according to one’s own taste. Another option is to suspend ceilings to save heating costs or visually enhance the room. Drywall can also be used to cover walls very easily and quickly or to effectively conceal water pipes / electrical wiring.

Mostly, drywall is non-load-bearing walls, which are built with sheetrock and lightweight construction. Incidentally, the term drywall comes from the fact that it does not require water or water-based building materials, such as concrete, clay or mortar. This makes drywall a quick and very clean solution.

Advantages of drywalls

Drywall allows immediate wallpapering or application of paint. Also, tiles can be laid directly after the installation of drywall, because there is no need to wait for drying time and the walls do not change their condition.

So, finishing or remodeling with drywall has many advantages:

  • Partition walls can be easily & quickly erected using the dry construction method
  • Subdivision with drywall has a positive effect on the acoustics of the room
  • Drywall cleverly camouflages conduits (power and water lines or even data cables).
  • Space-saving alternative to conventional designs
  • Professionally implemented drywall meets all fire safety regulations and actively supports thermal insulation
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